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Will ‘V’ Fill Your LOST Void?

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According to Michael Ausiello, who is never wrong about this sort of thing, V (which stars LOST alum Elizabeth Mitchell) has been renewed for 13 episodes. According to various outlets ABC has been weighing a choice between V and FlashForward, so this could mean that FlashForward is doomed – or it could mean that all of that is just rampant speculation. I’d like to know, though, since both shows are more or less meant to secure a bit of the LOST demo, which one would you rather tune in to next season.

UPDATE: FlashForward has been canceled.

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  • I haven’t watched V since the break, so I can’t say too much about it. I’ve been enjoying FlashForward the last few episodes, but I’m not about to say it’s great. I’ve also really liked Happy Town, but it seems that’s as much as axed, with it taking a break for two weeks and then coming back in June to burn off the remaining episodes.

    One of the saddest things about LOST ending is there just won’t be that hour of TV to look forward to each week.

  • Eural Joiner

    V sucked at first and still sucks – really really boring characters and pacing. Flashforward picked up quite a bit in the new season (new showrunners) but it still meanders with too many boring characters and too little tension for all the “drama”. Dominic M. and James C. are great (with good characters) but some of the others are just a snoozefest (pregnant lesbian, AA soldier, cancer doctor) and the villians are about as bland as they come. Interesting possibilities and a few bright spots that just don’t seem to gel.

    But – like “Across the Sea” – you’re mileage may vary! 🙂

    • Nick Turner

      Word… you said it all

  • I think V is great. It’s nowhere near as engaging as LOST, but what is? It’s fun, entertaining television. It helps that I’m in love with Liz Mitchell.

    • The White Rock

      Agreed, V has it all, Us vs Them, an underground resistance, a diabolical race of rept-aliens, manipulation, betrayal, double agents, sexy characters, sci-fi effects, etc. I really look forward to it each week. I liked FlashForward, too, but it didn’t take advantage of its opportunity to do something really special on April 29th and its pacing is slower. Stargate Universe satisfies the rest of my sci-fi drama needs so I’ll be alright after LOST concludes, especially if “The End” is as disappointing as the recent series-ending episodes have been. (Fringe is just a continuing X-Files style disappointment. I want to like it but it’s just not happening.)

  • Thank Lost that I am becoming a freshman at collegge this fall because if the show still runs, I’ll probably make a Lost club at college and spread the gospel of Lost to everyone. I tried to watch other serious shows like v and flashforward, but once Lost fan always Lost fan. I really have to thank the producers cast and crew for teaching me lessons through tv screen!

  • Senator Ackbar

    V is a television cesspool where enjoyment goes to die.

  • Amy

    I watched the first two episodes of V but lost interest, it paled in comparison to the original. I watched FlashForward until the break but had no interest in continuing with the show. Nothing on ABC can take LOST place. I enjoy Fringe on Fox and will continue to watch it, it has gotten a great deal better this year. That said its not going to fill the void left by LOST, no show currently on televison could do that.

  • lostfanboy16

    I think everyone should watch Breaking Bad on AMC because that show is amazing. I also like Mad Men a lot.

    • Breaking Bad, Lost and Friday Night Lights are in a Texas Steel Deathcage Match for best show on TV.

    • If it weren’t for LOST, I’d say that “Breaking Bad” is bar-none the best show on television right now. The writing is stellar! “Mad Men” is pretty amazing, too. AMC has proven it knows how to produce quality television.

      I’m also looking forward to the return of “True Blood” on HBO, and of course “Dexter” and “Sons of Anarchy” in the fall. Unfortunately, network television just doesn’t do it for me anymore, and now that LOST has finally run its course, I’m afraid it will be a long time before network dramas become relevant again.

    • docarzt

      I’m with you guys. I JUST started watching Breaking Bad this year and quickly devoured the first two seasons. Holy. Sh*t. It’s great.

      • Ed-Mars

        Welcome to the club 🙂

        • Matthew


  • Deadwood and The Wire.

    • Silas

      Deadwood features some of the best writing for a TV series. If LOST challenges a person to think, Deadwood does so just as much or more. The only problem with getting into Deadwood is that it’s one of those great shows that was cancelled never concluded on the writer’s terms.

  • cap10tripps

    Fringe and Happy Town…

  • In a word, no. In many words, no way ever in a million years even if every other show in existence got canceled and erased from history except for V. V is absolutely dreadful, with stupid writing, bad acting (except for Elizabeth Mitchell, who I feel sorry is reduced to this collecting a paycheck type work) and absolutely no sense of fun. If V has any chance of surviving, it needs a massive creative overhaul.

  • Ben’s Glasses

    Not at all. I like EM but she’s not being used to good effect on V and no one else is interesting. Why they would take an actress like her who was successful partly because of her body and romantic lead appeal and turn her into a dour middle aged mother of a teen, it’s just weird.

    Fringe on the other hand (and I don’t enjoy saying this) is out-Losting Lost this season. If anything fills the void for me that will be it.

  • Rosie66

    I’m already hooked on “V”. I’m glad that it has been renewed.

  • Mark


  • Brandon

    Happy Town has been cancelled as well. It was cancelled way before flashforward was.

    • Beena

      I am glad that LOST set an end date before ABC had a chance to cancel the show. ABC has a history for canning shows (usually early in the game, though). I finally trusted them again, and have been watching both Happy Town and Flash Forward, only to find out they are being cancelled. So unbelievably lame. The next show that ABC launches that seems even remotely interesting, I’ll be sure to avoid!

  • Ed-Mars

    I actually like both V and Flashforward. As some of you already pointed out, they are nowhere near as mind-bending as LOST. But that is the whole reason why I watch them. I only need one show like LOST.

  • ioncewasmine

    I watch both V and Flashforward but i have to say that V is boring, no character development, really boring pacing. on the other hand Flashfoward has been great since the break and is really picking up. nothing to say about Happy Town, i only saw the first episode and hopefully it’s so cliched on purpose. they made the wrong decision.

  • julian

    flashforward, Justified, Breaking Bad, and Dexter in sept. do it!

  • Bakedbob

    LOST is the VOID… need to “fill” that… imho

  • boonesghost

    I tried so hard to like “V” but couldn’t keep up with the plot as I always fall asleep halfway through.

  • Gusteaux

    V sucks…I quit watching after the third episode last fall…gave it a second try when it came back and bailed about halfway through the first episode. Terrible waste of EM’s enormous talent. IMHO, FastForward was the far superior show and I morn it’s cancellaton. With LOST and 24 gone, the best show on television, hands down, will be FRINGE. True Blood and Dexter would complete my top three.

  • spacebender

    I put “Flashforward” as the best fit, but nothing presently in the landscape could come close to replacing LOST.

  • Kira

    Fringe! Alternate realities, characters that I actually care about…hey, perhaps they’ll even dive into time travel someday!

    • They already have in White Tulip…

  • I think Flashforward had it… it has all the right ingredients, I just think a poor chef was put in the Kitchen. I watch V and stay up to date but I rarely ever watch it at it’s time. I save them for rainy days or when I am bored…

  • Mandeville

    If you love neoconservative principles blended with the Turner Diaries, you’ll love V! “Do you mean *pause* Universal Healthcare?!”

    less boring than Heroes, but drivel nonetheless.

  • Mandeville

    I see Fringe suggested. I definitely agree. Fringe is basically Lost with more supernatural weirdness and plot resolutions.

    • Ceartly

      Fringe has been excellent this year. For me, it will help ease the sting of LOST being done (even though the DVD’s will get a generous workout for years to come). V has been okay, but not appointment television. Flashforward finally started getting good, and now it’s on the chopping block. So much for that one.

      LOST was my next X-Files. Hopefully, Fringe will be my next LOST.

    • Nick Turner


    • Professor Askew

      I’m also on the Fringe bandwagon. After a slightly stiff start and questionable characterizations, it’s found itself and is moving along nicely. The lead characters are endearing (even Dunham is showing more range!) and the ongoing storyline is becoming more and more engaging. As long as they’re careful with their stand alone episodes (we don’t really need an X-Files clone) I think their mythology will serve them well.

  • jphimself

    I agree, Fringe will be my Lost replacement, and very happily so. The plot and scripts are fascinating. I especially enjoy the acting of John Noble as Walter Bishop. He has been superb this season.

    Why was Fringe not included in the poll? Does ABC sponsor the good Doc?

    • Ben’s Glasses

      I wondered that too. It might be innocent but he’s leaving himself vulnerable to the impression he’s on the ABC payroll.

  • Dan Berry

    I see commercials for V before and during LOST every week and each one looks like the last. V is shit. LOST will never be replaced. I am probably going to stop watching ABC all together when LOST is over, I may even cancel my cable. I don’t need tv after LOST.


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